Turk Barter, the first Barter company with certified quality, has qualified to receive the ISO 9001:2000 certificate within 7 months following its foundation, with “zero” non-compliances and thus has earned the title of being the first and only Barter company who has been able to obtain a quality certificate in the barter sector.
We believe that the added value we provide by the Barter System makes a significant contribution to the development and growth of the Turkish Economy. We are fully aware that our primary obligation is to provide quality services to our members. We implement the responsibility of this task, in an invariable manner by our corporate culture based on the “satisfaction of our customers”.
The following values of our quality services concept;
To meet the requirements and expectations of our members, with perfect services,
To serve our country and humanity with the awareness of social commitment,
To present projects providing financial solutions to our members,
To value information and constantly invest in human resources,
To reinforce in-house synergy and achieve effective teamwork,
To establish open communications at all levels and all dimensions,
To bolster the “motivation” energy that renders our activities productive,
To establish innovative systems in the service processes based on constant learning,
To ensure that everyone working at our institution is the “leader of his own duty”,
Establish the essence of our Quality Policy.

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