World Barter Association (IRTA)

The IRTA (International Reciprocal Trade Association) has been founded on August 31, 1979, in order to direct the institutional Barter industry in the United States and the world and to expand the trade in this area within the framework of high standards. The IRTA is involved in activities such as research and direction related to Barter trade, providing databank services, security and international trade links, technical consultancy, developing newly beginning companies, industrial measurements, and publications.

IRTA is currently being represented in nearly thirty countries: USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Malaysia, India, Thailand, North Korea, Japan, China, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, New Zealand, Colombia, Turkey, Italy, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Hungary, Austria, Sri-Lanka and Iceland. Membership is open to all institutions and individuals interested to contribute to the Barter sector.

A members’ meeting is held annually and one or more training conferences are organized to train those serving in the industry and help them improve their professional capabilities. The industrial authority program is providing certificates for the qualifying persons, in one or more specialties. An information exchange market and an expert consultancy board are assisting the newcomers of the Barter industry. 

IRTA is implementing various public service programs and also the Barter Political Activity Committee (BARTERPAC) under the decision of a special Federal Election Commission, allowing reciprocal trade loans and similar aids to be provided to federal election candidates by partners, managers and administrative personnel of Barter companies. The reciprocal trade loans are accepted by the Federal Election Commission (FEC) based on the principle that one reciprocal trade loan equals to one dollar. 

The Board of Directors is composed of ten members, and being a member of the board, Turk Barter is making significant contributions to the development of the Barter industry in Turkey in line with the world. The Board of Directors convenes four times a year. In the meetings held with defined agendas, issues such as the acceptance of Barter companies newly applying for membership, the general budget of IRTA, those that need to be done in relation to the barter industry in other countries, resolution of disputes arising from barter transactions carried out by Barter companies among themselves, the general activities of the Universal Currency managed by IRTA are discussed. Each year, the Barter companies that are members of the IRTA and those non-member organizations that are interested in attending the Barter meetings are brought together in the General Congress. The General Congress discussions assists Barter companies to understand each other mutually, meanwhile commercial attempts are initiated, training is provided and joint strategic resolutions are made.

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